A stolen hour from a busy day to clear the beans. Saturday afternoon on the plot and not a soul around. The leaden beans had proven too much for the old brittle hazel poles which had toppled or snapped under the immense weight. Above the ground was  a twisted tangle of beans, stems, leaves and poles, which I hacked through into manageable and compostable heaps. Beneath the ground there was staggeringly little roots to support the vast structure above. Perhaps beans aren’t deep rooted or they just didn’t need an extensive root system with the plentiful rain of summer ?

I collected beans for next sowing next year. Ivory white pearls from the inky blue pods of ‘blauhilde’ and iridescent black shinny beetle beans from the ‘indian trail of tears’ ..thinking mother  nature must have been having one of her more aesthetic moments when she designed them.

07 10 2012

Howard Sooley

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