Paved with gold.

It’s been cold, damp and foggy all week. The lack of October wind and rain has allowed the leaves to turn to their autumnal colours and fall gently to the ground. My walk from home to my studio takes only a couple of minutes. The pavements are covered leaves of every conceivable shape and colour, its mesmerizing. Thanks to front gardens and tree lined streets there must be 40 to 50 different kinds of trees along this short walk. A concrete arboretum. Here are some leaves I picked up yesterday. How is the autumn colour where you are ?

25 10 2012

Howard Sooley

4 thoughts on “Paved with gold.

  1. Hope you are enjoying your new home here at Plot 29! Just wanted to let you know about an event that I hope you will be interested in London. To accompany an exhibition that we have on food and its impact on physical, social and environmental health we will be hosting a panel discussion about this with health professionals, local growers and those involved in the food industry. We want as many voices as possible to be there and would love it if you could make it along.

    Nov 1st 7-8pm
    Kentish Town Health Centre
    2 Bartholomew Road
    NW5 2BX

  2. Enjoying the way the white background makes these shine Howard.
    They’re gleaming, rather more than they do on local grey tarmac! Fallen plane and sycamore leaves gathered off steps to become a slowly decomposing layer alongside concrete pathway. It is on a tiny scale, and fallen leaves are only jewel-like for a few days, but precious to me for a way to love the planet and offer back wild-gardening carpets later.

  3. What an indulgence, Howard. Fancy being able to study professional photographs like these whenever I want to, and not even having to PAY for them. Inspiring. You are generous.

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