White light / white heat

It felt like the coldest morning of the year so far, the first tangible frost that I had seen. Icy white dust clung to the most delicate hairs on the nettle leaves. The dark leaf chard on our  plot (now under protective netting) cased in a cold white shell. The sun was rising from behind the perimeter trees, it’s warm spectral fingers melting all it touched, turning the frost to steam, leaving it to smolder like a field of burnt out stubble on a summer evening.

The fingers of light moved quickly, the hands of a clock ticking out time over the allotments. Brilliantly illuminating the feathery fronds of asparagus, and in a minute gone, to light the frozen droplets of dew on an apple tree. I followed the light round the allotments, enjoying the fleeting show.

14 11 2012

Howard Sooley


4 thoughts on “White light / white heat

  1. Always specially love whatever garden flowers are still blooming at this time of year – something extra happens to their colour. Your dreamily lit backgrounds convey it perfectly.

    Reassure me folks check the new veg netting every day to release any entangled birds.

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