The night before Christmas

Earlier today I walked with Rose over the heath for a final look at the plot before Christmas, hoping to take some Christmassy images to post here.
“Not much Christmassy here” said Rose.
It was mild and trying hard not to rain. It was dark, even at midday.
Anyway, Rose was right.
The plot felt like a battle lost, victory to the frost, slugs and pigeons. But now, with the winter solstice bridged and the new year just around the corner there seems room for optimism. The prospect of a new season and a new start.
A 2013 planting calendar purchased and a ‘three kings’ preparation arrived in the post from the biodynamic association.
We collected a few leaves for supper, a bunch of beet root to accompany our Christmas dinner and pushed a handful of uprooted onion sets back into the soil.
At home Polly and Nancy were hard at work in the kitchen, knee deep in ivy and festive greenery.




Happy Christmas


Howard Sooley

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