Spring cleaning

It is ‘officially’ spring and I am full of its joys. Outside, the sun is rising slowly in the sky from its long winter hibernation, there is a genuine warmth to its rays. I walked back from taking the car for its MOT this morning with my eyes closed and the sun warm on my face.


Yesterday we met at the plot and did a bit of spring cleaning. It felt too cold to sow seeds, most of the water butts had a thin layer of ice and the soil looked and felt lifeless. We tidied old leaves, transplanted chives and oregano, cleared away old hazel poles (we will get new ones this year: they get too brittle to bear the tremendous weight of the beans). We also addressed old business from our old plot. When we first started there we built a ‘cow pat preparation pit’ with the help and expertise of Bernard Jarman from the BDA. When we moved plots, the pit stayed. It wasn’t easy to pick up and take with us, and anyway newts had claimed it as a safe, warm place to spend the winter months. But it felt like we’d left something important behind. So yesterday, we finally got round to digging it up, back-filling the hole and moving the bricks to a new spot. It felt like a necessary and good thing to do.


Howard Sooley

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