March heirs.

Looking around the plot, it’s evident winter hasn’t left us with much. It’s a difficult time of year, with winter dragging its feet into the spring our hopes are keen to conjure.

Rain is continuing to fall, the soil is sodden and sticky under our feet.  The wet is set to turn to cold this coming weekend. It probably isn’t a good time to sow anything. Jane Scotter’s advice of  ‘patience’ at this time of year seems prudent.


We’d judged our visit to coincide with the weather forecast’s ‘better part of the day’, it turned out to be the wettest. Rain dripping down our necks, we looked over the plot.

Broad beans stopped in their tracks by the cold and wet. The red onion sets are inert, as rootless and shoot-less as the day they were pushed into the late-autumn soil. The chicories hang on, perfect rosettes offering promise that they will soon grow enough to produce a last winter salad.



Elsewhere there is evidence spring is coming, tightly clasped catkins on the hazel wait for a warm day, as I pass the pond, three or four little splashes give away the presence of frogs waiting to spawn.


20 march 2013

Howard Sooley

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