bean and gone

It was curious weather today, not excessively warm but very humid. Clammy.

Sun, then dark with thick cloud, then sun again. Blustery wind, then no wind, then wind again, all punctuated with scurrying showers.

With every gust, the chestnut trees fired conkers 60 feet to the ground, making the walk to the tool shed hazardous. IMG_9053-2

I pulled out the beans and poles, the last of the sweet peas, and mopped up the mess of tomato plants we let run riot in the centre of the plot. In their unchecked exuberance they produced very little. I hoed the ground and picked up the damp rotting leaves.


I collected some salad leaves for supper, dropping in a bag for Allan (at home with a broken leg) on the way home.



Howard Sooley

4 thoughts on “bean and gone

  1. So glad the blog is back. I have missed it, the months were sad without you.
    And yes, the city’s weather is most peculiar. It will be interesting to see how the birds are affected as insects respond – it has been a good time to listen for birdsong.

  2. … and beans to come – plus garlic, shallots and onions planted on Sunday in a newly prepared plot and as the sky darkened a thunderstorm watered them in beautifully

  3. Unenthusiastically I clicked the Guardian Allotment blog today as I have done many times since Alan and Howard’s wonderful blog finished. How many times have I said where do I now find informed, sympathetic and utterly readable comment on all things vegetable and more. Well Hallelujah! I’ve just found plot 29! The start to the growing year has just got just that much better… It may have taken me a while to find you guys but boy I am so pleased, it is just like meeting an old friend long since disappeared. Here in Wapping we are in our ninth season of growing vegetables for charity. The garlic, autumn sown onions and broad beans have soldiered on throughout the wet. The rhubarb is unfurling it’s delicate new leaves and the robin is making his claim over the damp kitchen garden.
    A very happy new gardening year to you all!

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