sunday sunflower

A good autumn walk on Hampstead Heath, sunny and still. At noon I noted how low the sun was in the sky, no longer over head, now struggling to get much above the tops of the heaths taller beech trees.
Late afternoon at the plot. Under the golden glow of the sunflowers. They are bursting into magisterial bloom (planting them late in the season seems good idea now rather than an oversight). It’s lovely to enjoy their pyrotechnic display against an October sky.
I can’t say I did much other than chat and photograph. But loved it, loved being there. It’s funny how an hour there can breath a healthy complexion into your pale week.
We picked the borlottii beans and some black beans that again were planted late in the season, they looked like they might be better eaten whole rather than wait to see if the weather would be kind and let the beans proper develop and ripen (we tried one raw and it was delicious).


Howard Sooley
05 October 2014

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