It’s been some time since I posted anything here..I’ve been spinning too many plates..and now my head is spinning. Allan called to ask if I wanted to meet at the allotment and do a stir. I got on the 46 bus.


The plot was looking extraordinary, an exuberant out pouring of green leaves..of every shape,  colour and shade.. dressed with a dusting of orange, pink and yellow flowers.

We put some 500 preparation into a bucket with water,  stirring vigorously with our hands, making a vortex, energising the Water. we took it in turns, half an hour each, for an hour.



Within minutes the spinning in my head seemed to slow… We talked about the plot, ate the best of the remaining mange tout and the delicious sweet tear drop peas. I picked a flashback calendula (below)..

IMG_6097 An hour or so later, made our way to the 46 bus stop.

I won’t leave it so long next time..



Howard Sooley